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Post by jeremyjh on Mon Dec 13, 2010 4:26 pm

There is no warning system for site instead there is either a limit to how many times it can be done or how many days you will be banned for doing it please note that this site is a little strict but not really about spam or spelling just for ignoramus that want to be dumb and do not listen or follow the rules so please follow the rules it would make me happy if you did.


  1. Spam- Do not post random posts all over the board because us staff will have to clean it up. Do not post posts in any old topic for example don't post a character in the shadow village certain posts go certain places. Do not posts a bunch of things that do not make sense. Resuslt: If you do it again after being warned then you will be banned for 1 day.
  2. Flaming- This is almost the same thing as spam but this is posting the same thing over and over again so do not attempt to re-post over and over again if you want to post a again just edit the post you already have unless someone else posted and if they did that's your sign to post again. Do not post the same thing in every topic you post in once is enough. Result: If done again after warned you will be banned for 1 day.
  3. Steam Cursing- I am permitting you to curse because it makes the game more realistic and easier to imagine but do not attempt to curse a hundred times in a row outside or inside RP. Do not curse in every single one of your posts no matter if its just once a post. Do not curse at someone if they are being mean to you. Result: If done again after being warned this will result in a 2 day ban.
  4. Pornography- You may not post anything for ages 18+ resulting in pictures it must all be clean it may show panties and bras but that's it. You may also not post links to these types ofsites ifdone it will count as pornography and not advertising. Result: 15 day ban.
  5. Cybering- I do not allow sex on the site and/or cybering on this site in pms or in any of the topics. Result: 10 day ban.
  6. Advertisements- I do not allow advertisements anywhere on the site without my permission in any type of form this means no posting, pm, video, signature and/or picture advertisements without my permission. Result: 60 day ban.
  7. Fighting- Do not attempt to fight with any other member of the form using harsh language and such this is a fun and peaceful place please take it somewhere where I can't see it. Result: If continued after being warned this will result in a 5 day ban.
  8. Obey Higher Ranks- You must obey higher ranks and what they tell you to do unless they are being outrages and are abusing there powers if that happens pm me or send me an email. Result: If continued after being warned this will result in a 5 day ban.

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