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Silent Hill 2 Guide

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Silent Hill 2 Guide Empty Silent Hill 2 Guide

Post by jeremyjh on Mon Dec 27, 2010 2:15 pm

1. Characters..........................................................(01000)
i - Characters....................................................(01001)
2. Full Walkthrough....................................................(00000)
i - Silent Hill...................................................(00001)
ii - Wood Side Apartment..........................................(00002)
iii - Blue Creek Apartment........................................(00003)
iv - Silent Hill..................................................(00004)
v - Brookhaven Hospital...........................................(00005)
vi - Alternate Hospital...........................................(00006)
vii - Silent Hill.................................................(00007)
viii - Silent Hill Historical Society.............................(00008)
ix - Labyrinth....................................................(00009)
x - Lakeview Hotel................................................(0000A)
xi - Alternate Hotel..............................................(0000C)
3. Additional Info.....................................................(10000)
i - Weapons.......................................................(10001)
ii - Items........................................................(10002)
iii - Enemies.....................................................(10003)
iv - Endings......................................................(10004)
v - Item List.....................................................(10005)
4. Maps................................................................(00100)
i - Silent Hill...................................................(00101)
ii - Wood Side Apartment..........................................(00102)
iii - Blue Creek Apartment........................................(00103)
iv - Brookhaven Hospital..........................................(00104)
v - Toluca Prison.................................................(00105)
vi - Labyrinth....................................................(00106)
vii - Lakeview Hotel..............................................(00107)
5. Version History.....................................................(0001A)
6. Legal...............................................................(0001B)
7. Credits.............................................................(0001C)

| Characters (01000) |

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Characters |
(01001) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------------------o James Sunderland is the main character of Silent Hill 2.
| James Sunderland | One day he received a letter from his wife telling him
o------------------o she was waiting in their special place, the small town
of Silent Hill. The only problem is that his wife has
been dead for three years, but dead people can't write letters. Despite
misgivings James Sunderland decides to make the trip to Silent Hill, and
search for his wife who was taken away on that day three years ago.

o-------------------------o Mary Sheperd-Sunderland is James Sunderland's
| Mary Sheperd-Sunderland | wife. Three years ago she was diagnosed with a
o-------------------------o terminal disease and passed away soon after.
Recently a mysterious letter made its way to her
husband's hands written and signed in her name, but is a dead woman really
waiting back at the town they had called their special place so long ago?

o---------------o Angela is a mysterious girl who you first meet in a
| Angela Orosco | a graveyard on your way to the town of Silent Hill.
o---------------o She has a very mysterious past, it seems most evident
that she had a very abusive childhood, her actions and
words lead her to be a very sheltered person. She'll show up quite a few
times throughout your advanture, as the mysteries of her past unfold.

o------------------o Eddie is a big oaf who, like James, seems to have been
| Eddie Dombrowski | called to Silent Hill for reasons not quite clear. He
o------------------o is very wild with his attitudes and seems to shift from
one mood to another almost instantaneously. He always
seems to find himself in the middle of trouble, and is intent on convincing
everyone that he is innocent, even those who are unaware of any crimes.

o-------o Laura is a sweet eight year old girl who just happens to be
| Laura | wandering around in the town of Silent Hill. Her motives (if any)
o-------o are unknown, but she seems to have a knack for showing up at some
of the most unexpected times.

o-------o Maria bears an uncanny resemblance to Mary, from her hair, face
| Maria | and body. The only difference is her attitude and clothes. She
o-------o too often finds herself in the middle of wild mood swings, but
her dedication to James seems to be true, so when she asks to tag
along with him on his search, he is in no position to disagree.

| Full Walkthrough (00000) |

Fun Fact: Press L1 + R1 in the options menu for extra options!

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Silent Hill |
(00001) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o When the game begins take a moment to get
| | used to the controls. You'll find yourself
| Map of Silent Hill....._____ | in a rather disgusting bathroom. Leave the
| Chainsaw..............._____ | room and watch the scene outside. There's a
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | car here parked in the middle with the
| Health Drink..........._____ | driver's side door open. Go and check out
| Health Drink..........._____ | the seat to find a 'Map of Silent Hill.'
| Wooden Plank..........._____ | There is a set of stairs at the upper left
| Radio.................._____ | of this parking lot, go down them and you'll
| Apartment Gate Key....._____ | be on a dirt path. Follow this path for
| Health Drink..........._____ | quite a ways. After awhile you'll come to a
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | small well on your right, you can't miss it.
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | If you go up to this well and examine it
| Health Drink..........._____ | you'll find an odd red object inside, this
| Hyper Spray............_____ | is a save point and many of them can be
| | found throughout the game. Continue North
o------------------------------o along the path and you'll reach a gate,
inside is a graveyard, when you approach the
gravestones a scene will occur. Once the scene is over keep running North,
you'll reach a stone wall at the top, around the centre of it is another gate.
Stay on the path and keep running, as you go along the way you may hear a loud
noise. You will only hear this noise if you have completed the game once
before. As you pass the pick up trucks you there will be a 'Chainsaw' in the
pileof logs, your reward for completing the game. Once again stay on the path
and at the end, go through the gate in the enclosed area. Now you will find
yourself on a long concrete path, it will finally lead you to an open area
which is the town of Silent Hill.

Go straight ahead and cross the street, then follow the sidewalk to the left.
Just past the flower shop where the wooden fence starts there's a 'First-Aid
Kit' on the little table. Head East down the main road and you'll come to a
streak of blood on the ground. Follow the direction it leads you, all others
are blocked off. Eventually it will steer you in the direction of a small
sideroad. As you run down this road you'll come to a fenced off area on your
right. Enter the gate in the middle. There's a save point here on the table,
one 'Health Drink' beside the table leg and another 'Health Drink' in the
lower left corner. Leave this are and continue down the path. You'll come to
a section of dirt path, it leads to a dead end but if you examine the boards
of wood barricading the tunnel you will climb into it. Watch the scene.

You will now be in a fight for your life! Luckily you've got a weapon in your
hand, to attack hold the R2 button and press X to swing. The buttons are
pressure sensitive so the harder the press the more powerful your attack, this
holds true for most weapons, but keep in mind this attack may also be slower.
Approach the monsters and strike it down with your nail board. This is going
to be your new weapon for awhile, the 'Wooden Plank.' Once the enemy is dead
go back out the way you came and there's a scene involving your new 'Radio.'
Now run all the way back the way you came until you reach the main street
again. Keep a watchful eye here because the town itself is now home to a
number of new enemies, your Wooden Plank is perfectly suited to the task of
protecting you. Follow Lindsey Street. South until you reach the corner, then
turn onto Katz St. West. This is based on your map of course, press triangle
to open it. The first chance you get, make a right onto Martin St. and follow
it all the way to the end. At the upper left side you'll find a rather bloody
corpse, examine it to get the 'Apartment Gate Key.' On your way back down,
just before you reach the green car on your right you can find a 'Health
Drink' sitting at the corner beside the fence.

If you don't want to pick up any helpful items, skip ahead to the next
paragraph. Now head West on Katz Street. When you reach the corner run
Northwest to the Lucky Jade Restaurant on the corner, out front of the door
you can find a First-Aid Kit on the ground. Now head South, when you reach
the next corner run up to the Northeast building labelled as Neely's Bar on
your map. You can enter this building from the side door on Neely Street.
First examine the map on the desk and yours will get automatically marked
based on the available locations. Return to the corner and go to the lower
East side of the Happy Burger to find a First-Aid Kit. Go North a bit and
walk up the front steps of the building just to the right of Neely's Bar to
find a Health Drink. Now if you've beaten the game before, make your way
South, then East to the corner of Saul and Harris where you'll find a motor
home. Inside is a can of Hyper Spray which is a bonus item for completing the
game. There's also a save point there. Now you're prepared.

Make your way to the Wood Side Apartment labelled on your map, reach it by
going North on Neely Street and making a West turn onto Katz Street. As you
run by the apartment fence on the North end of the street, the camera will
focus on a particular gate as you go by. Examine this fence to use your
Apartment Gate Key and enter through the main blue doors.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Wood Side Apartment |
(00002) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o When you first enter the apartment check the
| | corkboard on your left for a 'Map of
| Map of Apartment Bldg.._____ | Apartment Bldg.' Now if you look and the
| Health Drink..........._____ | little raised area coming out from under the
| Flashlight............._____ | stairs you can find a 'Health Drink,' and
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | you'll see a save point on the right wall.
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | Ascend the stairs and enter the door on the
| Handgun................_____ | second floor. Run East all the way to the
| Key to Room 202........_____ | end of the hall and go into the last room
| Clock Key.............._____ | on your right, there's a bright light here.
| Health Drink..........._____ | Examine the dress to receive the
| Courtyard Key.........._____ | 'Flashlight' but watch out, the moment you
| Fire Escape Key........_____ | pick it up a mannequin enemy will attack,
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | don't bother with it and just run out of the
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | room. With this Flashlight you can now look
| Health Drink..........._____ | at your map in dark areas, as well as
| Canned Juice..........._____ | navigate better in them. Leave the room and
| Coin [Old Man]........._____ | make a right, follow the hall around the
| Coin [Snake]..........._____ | corner and into Room 210, the first room on
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | your left. Pick up the 'Handgun Bullets'
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | off the table, and there's another pack of
| | 'Handgun Bullets' in the bedroom. Now run
o------------------------------o back to the door leading to the staircase.

Climb to the third floor and go into the hall. Approach the bars on your
right and examine, you'll see a key. Choose "Yes" and try to pick it up for a
scene. Run West and enter the very last room in the hall on your left, Room
301. Examine (the handle) of the shopping cart to receive a 'Handgun.' Now
that you have this weapon you can progress further on the second floor. Go
back down there now. Run East and you'll hear a cry when you reach the fork.
Head North all the way to the end and enter the last door on your right, Room
208, but before you do check out the bars blocking your way to the North end
of the hall. Inside the room examine the man in front of the television, then
check the shelf beside him for 'Key to Room 202.' With this key in hand leave
the room and head South to Room 202. Walk into the bedroom and examine the
hole beside the bed, reach in and find the 'Clock Key.' Return to room 208
and go into the small room on the North end of this apartment. You'll find a
clock here, using the Clock Key you can open the face and spin the hands. In
order to proceed you must set the clock to the right time.

The clue to the puzzle is on the wall behind you, examine it to see three
clock hands with the words "Henry," "Mildred," and "Scott" which not too
surprisingly correspond to hours, minutes and seconds. You need to set the
clock in order to this pattern, so turn around and stand beside the clock.
Enter your inventory and select the Clock Key to use, now you can turn the
hands yourself. Set the time to 9:10, you'll know you did it right if you
hear a clicking sound. Cancel out and check the right side of the clock to
push it out of the way, now enter the hole.

In the kitchen you'll find a 'Health Drink' on the counter and a save point on
the end table in the living room. Leave the room and head North, climb the
stairs to the third floor. Make your way South past the first two doors, then
enter Room 307 and watch the scene. Afterwards step back into the closet and
pick up the 'Courtyard Key.' Exit the room and run down the hall, turn West
at the end and pick up the key that was kicked out of your reach, the 'Fire
Escape Key.' Head into the room nearest to your, Room 303 and pick up the
'First-Aid Kit' off the table, and then the 'Handgun Bullets' from the bedroom
and finally the 'Health Drink' from the kitchen. Return to the hallway and
head West, enter the stairwell at the end of the hall and descend down to the
first floor. Run to the North end of the first floor hall and pick up the
'Canned Juice' from the ground. Now instead of going all the way back up,
walk South and just exit through the front door. Run West and you'll find the
main door where you first came in, go in there.

Climb the stairs back up to the second floor. When you're in the hall go into
the laundry room just beside the stairwell door and examine the trash chute to
find it plugged with garbage. Now is the chance to get it unstuck, access and
use the Canned Juice in front of the trash chute to knock it all down. Go
down the stairs and back outside, on the right of the main door is a little
alley leading to the trash pickup area, examine it to find 'Coin [Old Man]'
and read the magazine article as well. Back into the main door again, and run
North to the end of the first floor, use your Courtyard Key to gain access to
the courtyard. At the Northwest end you'll find a large drained pool with a
baby carriage inside, examine it to receive 'Coin [Snake]' but watch out for
the three patient monsters currently occupying the pool. Once you have the
coin take the East exit of the courtyard to reach another section of the
apartment. Head South and enter Room 101, watch the scene in the bathroom.

After watching the scene pick up the 'Handgun Bullets' on the living room
floor before you leave. Go North down the hall and into Room 104. Pick up
the 'Handgun Bullets' off the chair. Now make your way all the way back
through the courtyard to the main apartment entrance and stairwell. Climb the
stairs to the second floor, then examine the door at the West end of the hall.
Use your Fire Escape Key then proceed through the door to the next area.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Blue Creek Apartment |
(00003) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o Start off by wandering into the bathroom and
| | examining the disgusting toiler, you'll find
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | a memo with some numbers on it. The numbers
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | represent a combination for a dial, and the
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | arrows show which way to turn it. Now in
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | the living room you'll find the safe you
| Health Drink..........._____ | need to open, go to your menu and select
| Map of West Apt Bldg..._____ | the Memo option, you can see the numbers
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | again by selecting "Wallet in the toilet
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | bowl." Examine the safe and turn the dial
| Angela's Knife........._____ | in the directions specified to each number,
| Coin [Prisoner]........_____ | when you finish you'll hear a clicking
| White Chrism..........._____ | sound. Note that if you're playing on a
| Lyne House Key........._____ | harder difficulty, they will incorporate
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | roman numerals as well. Like say X7
| Apartment Stairway Key._____ | would be 17, you replace the values and not
| | add them together, you only add the roman
o------------------------------o numerals. Another example would be VV6
which would be 16, add the numerals and
replace the digit. Inside the safe you find 'Handgun Bullets,' 'Handgun
Bullets,' 'Handgun Bullets,' and finally 'Handgun Bullets.' Go into the
kitchen and get the 'Health Drink' then leave the room. The first thing to do
is to go down the hall until you see a red exit sign hanging from the room, go
into the door beside it to reach the stairwell and examine the paper on the
floor, it's the 'Map of West Apt Bldg.' Now descend the stairs.

Watch out for stupid little cockroaches in this area, stomp them with the X
button of blast them with your handgun. Go into the laundry room beside the
stairwell door and you'll find a 'First-Aid Kit' on the laundry machine. Head
up to the first room North of the stairwell door on your left, Room 109.
Check the couch to find some 'Handgun Bullets.' Open the South door in this
room and watch the scene. When it's over, you automatically get 'Angela's
Knife,' pick up the 'Coin [Prisoner]' off the table and look at the photo on
the ground in the middle of the room. Return to the hallway and enter Room
105, across from the stairwell. Check the kitchen for 'White Chrism' this is
one of the four special items, if you collect all four of them you will get a
special ending, you don't have to pick it up if you don't want that ending.
Note that these items will not appear on your first time through the game.
Down at the end of the hallway in this room you'll find a save point. Now
back in the living room examine the desk there, you need to put your coins
into the correct slots based on the little story you get. Try and see if you
can figure it out, or read ahead if you want the answers.

_ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _ | _ _ _ _ _
/O\ / \ /S\ / \ /P\ | / \ /O\ /P\ / \ /S\ | / \ /O\ / \ /S\ /P\
\_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ | \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ | \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/ \_/

Shouldn't be too hard to figure out what that means, but if you still can't,
the three boxes represent the three different difficulties and the answer for
each one. If you're playing on normal use the middle box, O, P, and S
represent Old Man, Prisoner and Snake respectively and the letters show which
position to put each coin for. Very simple. In order to insert a coin you
must first select it from your inventory.

Once you've inserted the coins into the correct slots you'll hear a click,
examine the desk again to find the 'Lyne House Key.' Go back up to the second
floor and use the Lyne House Key on Room 209. You can see that the balcony is
open so go out there and it will lead you around to Room 208. Pick up the
'Handgun Bullets' off the chair and the 'Apartment Stairway Key' off the bed.
I highly recommend using the save point on the North wall here. Leave the
room and go North down the hall, enter the stairwell at the end with your key
and watch the scene when you go through the door.

o- Boss (Pyramid Head) ------------------------------------------------------o
| |
| The transition between the scene and the boss fight isn't as obvious as |
| you may think, as soon as it changes perspective to James then you have |
| control and must be ready to fight. This fight will pretty much be based |
| around your ability to dodge moreso than your ability to fight.In fact you |
| don't have to fight this boss at all, eventually it will run away. His |
| attacks are extremely dangerous so they'll certainly be something to watch |
| for, if you didn't notice he carries a giant knife the size of a Buster |
| Sword, so you can bet even the slightest contact with that blade will lead |
| to some serious damage, and you're right. The horizontal attack will |
| hurt you considerably, and the overhead swing is instant death on any |
| difficulty other than easy. Fortunately for you despite these powerful |
| attacks, they are rather easy to dodge, so stick to the corners. He'll |
| indicate he is going to overhead swing by lifting his knife, this is your |
| cue to quickly dodge to the side and run to the other corner, take |
| advantage of the strafing power of the L1 and R1 buttons to aid you in |
| your escape. Once enough time has elapsed determined by difficulty level, |
| a siren will go off, this means Pyramid Head is running away. This is |
| very important, running away does not mean harmless! Stay the hell away |
| from him as he moves toward the stairs, he is perfectly happy to attack |
| you on his way there, and dying after winning is pathetic, so steer clear! |
| |

After the battle, the water impeding your progress will be drained, and you
are able to access the stairs going down. Exit through the first floor door.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Silent Hill |
(00004) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o Climb down the stairs and run toward the
| | fence, you'll find a 'Firest-Aid Kit' on
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | your right, beside the pylons. Now head
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | North, part way along the path a scene will
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | occur. Just past the stone wall is a large
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | arch, and just past that on your left is a
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | staircase. At the top you can find two sets
| Health Drink..........._____ | of 'Handgun Bullets.' Keep going and you'll
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | soon find yourself in Rosewater Park. A
| Health Drink..........._____ | couple steps beyond the sign is a set of
| Steel Pipe............._____ | stairs leading West, follow it to the West
| Lost Memories.........._____ | corner and pick up another two sets of
| Health Drink..........._____ | 'Handgun Bullets.' Go down the stairs to
| Health Drink..........._____ | the South and then make a West turn at the
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | fork, pick up the 'Health Drink' off the
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | bench here. Continue South and then head
| Health Drink..........._____ | East at the end, up the stairs ahead of you
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | there's a gazebo and 'Handgun Bullets' on
| | the bench. Proceed South from this area,
o------------------------------o when you reach the railing at the bottom
pick up the 'Health Drink' from beside the
view scope, and then go West, a cutscene will trigger as you run by. After
the scene you will have Maria following you, she can be hurt just as you can,
and her death leads to a game over. This isn't as bad as it sounds, you can
run as far ahead of her as you like and she'll probably be just fine, she's
not stupid enough to stand around and wait for monsters to kill her.

Run West along with Maria and taken the South path to reach Nathan Avenue once
again. Keep going West on this road, your destination is the Texxon Gas
Station. When you arrive you'll find a running car sitting at the gas pumps,
examine its hood to receive the 'Steel Pipe.' This is also the location of
the second special ending item, in the newspaper dispenser you'll find the
book 'Lost Memories.' Run South from the gas pumps and in front of the truck
there's a stash of items including two 'Health Drink' and 'Handgun Bullets.'
Now your true destination is the hotel, but if you follow Nathan Avenue in
that direction you'll reach a body which has a map directing you to the Bowl-
O-Rama. You can find 'Handgun Bullets' bear the corpse but it's a very long
walk, and you can just circumvent it entirely by going straight to the Pete's
Bow-O-Rama. Examine the door, watch the scene, and head inside.

Walk through the door on your left for another scene, navigate the room and
enter the bowling alley, then approach Eddie and speak to him. Now run all
the way down to the end of the bowling alley and examine the pins area of the
middle row to find 'Handgun Bullets.' Now exit the bowling alley through the
doubles doors at the bottom right and watch the scene when you try and go.
Before following her, find the bushes in the triangular bed in front of the
bowling alley, when facing the alley look on the right of it to find a 'Health
Drink.' Run down the alley between the Bowl-O-Rama and then fence, open the
gate at the end. Proceed South (according to the map) and watch the scene at
the end. Examine the door and an event occurs.

Climb the stairs and examine the crates of bottles blocking another set of
stairs at the top. Go through the door into the main bar area, you can find a
'First-Aid Kit' sitting on one of the chairs here. Leave the bar through the
door on the other side and you'll be back on the street. Head South until you
are interrupted by an event, then make your way into the Brookhaven Hospital.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Brookhaven Hospital |
(00005) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o The first thing to do is examine the board
| | on the right to find a 'Map of Hospital.'
| Map of Hospital........_____ | Head forward and into the door right in
| Health Drink..........._____ | front of you. This is the Reception Office,
| Purple Bull Key........_____ | there's a save point here. Pick up the
| Shotgun................_____ | 'Health Drink' off the table beside the East
| Bent Needle............_____ | door, then go through it. Examine the
| Examination Room Key..._____ | document beside the typewriter to receive
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the 'Purple Bull Key.' That's about as much
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | as you need to do on the first floor for now
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | so climb the stairs and open the door to 2F.
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | There are quite a few enemies in this area,
| Lapis Eye Key.........._____ | normally I'd say just to run past them, but
| Health Drink..........._____ | the corridors are tight and Maria is
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | susceptible, so whip out your Handgun and
| Health Drink..........._____ | blast them. Run North and enter the door at
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | the end on your left labelled as the Women's
| Roof Key..............._____ | Locker Room. Pick up the 'Shotgun' out of
| Health Drink..........._____ | the locker, then check out the teddy bear on
| Piece of Hair.........._____ | the table to find a 'Bent Needle.' Cross
| Elevator Key..........._____ | the hall into the Men's Locker Room and
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | examine the bloody jacket twice to find the
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | 'Examination Room Key.' Now go back to the
| | first floor. Head into the Examination Room
o------------------------------o using your key and take the only other door
in there. You'll find yourself in the
Doctor's Lounge, there are some 'Shotgun Shells' in the sink to pick up. Now
check out the board on the left of the East door it will tell you a code.

Return to the second floor once again and head through the big doors to the
Southwest. Pick up the 'Handgun Bullets' off the stools here. Begin down the
hall and go into the first big set of double doors on your right. Pick up the
'First-Aid Kit' and then examine the typewriter, there's another code on this
piece of paper. Leave this room and go into M2, you'll find 'Shotgun Shells'
and 'Lapis Eye Key' here. Now go next door into room M3 and watch out for the
monster which will ambush you. Pick up the 'Health Drink' and 'Handgun
Bullets' off the floor beside the pile of mattresses. M6 is the only other
room with something in it, but you'll be ambushed again. Pick up the 'Shotgun
Shells' and 'Health Drink' then leave. Backtrack to the stairs and this time
take them all the way to the third floor.

Kill the nurses in this area, then pick up the 'First-Aid Kit' at the
Northeast corner of the hall. Try to go through the big double doors at the
Southwest end only to find a code is needed, this is the same code you found
in the Doctor's Lounge on the first floor, if you don't remember the code on
easy and normal is 7335, and 1328 on hard. There are tons of patient rooms
here, first of all start by going into room S3 for a scene. Afterwards
examine the desk to find the 'Roof Key.' Make your way to S11 and you'll find
a 'Health Drink' along with a save point. Once again backtrack to the stairs
and climb up to the roof. Use your key to go out onto the roof. At the upper
left corner you'll find a notebook, if you read it, it will have a small
effect on what ending you may get, keep that in mind. You don't have to read
it, just approach it and then run down to the fence in between the stairwell
and the Control Room, you'll hear a sound and then an unavoidable scene
involding the most evil of all creatures, Pyramid Head.

When you have control again you'll be in a room with four doors on the North
wall. Note that you actually take damage from that fall so make sure you
aren't in too much danger. Go into the third door on the left and examine the
bloody mess, make note of the numbers you see here. Sometimes they can be
hard to make out, and numbers like fives can actually sort of look like
different numbers, there's no way to know for sure since it's random, but do
your best. Leave this room and go back into the large Southwest double doors,
this time enter room S14. Approach the box and go into your inventory, use
the Lapis Eye key to remove the first of the four locks, then the Purple Bull
Key to remove the second. In your menu select the Memo option at the bottom,
and choose the "Imprint on carbon paper." Use this number seen here and punch
it into the button lock on the right side of the box. Finally go back to Memo
and check "Tern tern tern the numbers" and make note of this code. Input it
into the cylindrical lock (the numbers facing forward from top to bottom) and
the chest should now open up. You get 'Piece of Hair.'

Leave this room and enter the room beside the stairs laballed as the shower
room. Standin front of the drain and access your inventory. Select the Piece
of Hair and choose "Combine" rather than "Use." Now press circle and select
the Bent Needle and use it. Combined you are able to make a hook and get the
'Elevator Key.' Head back to room S11 and save your game. Examine the
elevator just across the hall and you can now get into it. Select the first
floor and ride. The first room you should go into is C3. Inside you'll find
'Handgun Bullets' on the floor, and 'Shotgun Shells' on the end table. Enter
room C2 and approach the back for a scene.

o- Boss (Hanging Demons) ----------------------------------------------------o
| |
| Your weapon of choice for this battle is most definitely the Shotgun. |
| With this equipped it is actually possible to hit more than one of the |
| hangers at a time if aimed correctly. The basic strategy for this fight |
| is simple, stand in a corner, let off about two shots, then hold square |
| and L1/R1 to strafe to another corner of the room, then repeat the |
| process. The only way they can hurt you is either by a strangle attack, |
| which will only hit you if you're stationary (usually reloading) or a |
| kick attack which they very rarely do. In fact, if you're able to just |
| keep a watchful eye on your health there's almost no way these things |
| can kill you. If you do happen to get strangled you will temporarily |
| lose control on your character, mash some buttons (not the menu buttons) |
| to get out of their grip quicker. About ten Shotgun blasts from a decent |
| range should kill then on the normal difficulty, also you start the battle |
| against two hangers, but when one is killed another drops down and joins |
| the battle, try to distribute the damage equally so you can kill the first |
| two close together, and deal with the last one easily by itself. |
| |

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Alternate Hospital |
(00006) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o You'll find yourself in the garden when you
| | wake up. Go through the door and walk
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | South, pick up the 'Shotgun Shells' and save
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | your game. Enter the West hall and go into
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | room C2, pick up the 'First-Aid Kit.' Now
| Health Drink..........._____ | leave and take a few steps right, inside
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | room C1 you'll find 'Handgun Bullets' and
| Health Drink..........._____ | 'Health Drink.' Now leave the room and get
| Dry Cell Battery......._____ | into the elevator. Examine the control
| Basement Storeroom Key._____ | panel and select the second floor. Walk
| Ampoule................_____ | into room M4, watch out there are two nurses
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | in this small room, a Shotgun may be needed.
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | After pick up the 'Handgun Bullets' and
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | 'Health Drink.' Leave and run down to the
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | West end of the hall and into room M6.
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | Examine the hands on the wall to find a 'Dry
| Copper Ring............_____ | Cell Battery' and 'Basement Storeroom Key.'
| Lead Ring.............._____ | Now get in the elevator and take it to the
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | third floor. Enter room S11 for 'Ampoule'
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | and 'Handgun Bullets' as well as a note on
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the bed. You can check S3, Maria's room, if
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | you want but there's nothing in there. Make
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | your way down to the East end of the hall
| Ampoule................_____ | and go through the door leading to the main
| Ampoule................_____ | hall. Inside the room marked as the Store
| Hospital Lobby Key....._____ | Room, you will find 'Handgun Bullets,'
| | 'First-Aid Kit,' and 'Shotgun Shells.'
o------------------------------o Enter the main stairwell and save your game.
Descend the stairs all the way down to the
basement and use the Basement Storeroom Key.

Pick up the 'Shotgun Shells' from the pile of stuff in front of you. Examine
the bloody handprints on the bookshelf, then attempt to go in the hole to
trigger a scene. Go down the ladder and pick up the 'Copper Ring' from the
floor. Ascend the stairs back up to the third floor now. Proceed through the
big Southwest double doors to the patient wing, enter the elevator and ride it
to the second floor. On your way down a scene will occur, an entertaining
little radio show. This will come into play soon, for now get off on the
second floor and head East into the Day Room. Examine the fridge and choose
to open it. You'll receive the 'Lead Ring' here. Leave the room and take the
elevator back up to the third floor. Right when you step out of the elevator
examine the door to the stairwell on your left. Use the Lead Ring and Copper
Ring to unlock the door here. Before going in there's still the matter of the
little Trick-or-Treat game. Head West to the main hall and into the Store
Room again. There's now a treasure chest-like object in the room. Examine it
and you'll be given a panel, this panel corresponds to the answers from the
radio game. The Answers are as follows:

1 2 3 The X's represent the buttons to hit to get the delicious contents,
Q1 O O X if you somehow manage to fail you'll be sprayed with a gas that
Q2 X O O leaves you on death's door in terms of health, that's the "trick"
Q3 O O X part of the game. The "treat" part is the reward for getting the
questions right, the chest contains five 'Shotgun Shells' and in
addition to that, two 'Ampoule' as well. Exit the room and go in the closest
stairwell to save your game. Backtrack to the other stairwell with the lady's
picture on the door, you can now access it. Go all the way down the stairs
and into the basement door. You'll find yourself in a long hallway, start
running and don't stop! As you proceed through this hall you'll notice
there's someone on your tail. It poses virtually no danger to you, however
Maria has a very high risk of being killed here. Resist the urge to turn
around and fight, just run as fast as possible no matter how far behind she
gets until you reach the elevator which means you did it. The next scene will
not change regardless of your actions. After the scene leave the elevator and
go into the Director's Room at the Northeast corner. Examine the object on
the table to receive 'Hospital Lobby Key.' Proceed to the entrance, save your
game using the save point on the wall, and leave the Brookhaven Hospital.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Silent Hill |
(00007) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o When you first leave the hospital make a
| | right and run South down the street. At the
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | corner make a right turn West onto Rendell
| Health Drink..........._____ | Street. As you go forward you'll reach a
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | couple of items on the ground behind a car,
| Ampoule................_____ | they include 'First-Aid Kit' and 'Health
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | Drink.' Further West at the left side of
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the blockade are 'Handgun Bullets' and
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | 'Ampoule.' Now make your way East on
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | Rendell Street, past the corner. Stay on
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | the North sidewalk as you run East,
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | eventually the fence will open up into a
| Health Drink..........._____ | small parking area, here you can find two
| Health Drink..........._____ | sets of 'Shotgun Shells' and 'Rifle
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | Shells.' Further East from here still in
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the same area are more 'Rifle Shells' and
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | 'Handgun Bullets.' Now follow the road East
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | and turn South onto Munson. At the South
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | end of the street are two sets of 'Handgun
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | Bullets' as well as a dead end. Go back
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | North a bit and make a right (East) onto
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | Saul Street. Just as you start down this
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | street check the Southern sidewalk by the
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | door for two 'Health Drink.' Continue East
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | through the tunnel, and into the chain link
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | gate. There are some new enemies in here
| Health Drink..........._____ | than hang from the grating on the ground and
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | move hand over hand along, they're perfectly
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | happy minding their own business and won't
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | pose a threat to you unless you happen to
| Wrench................._____ | stop for some reason. In the next area
| Health Drink..........._____ | you'll find a motorhome on your right with a
| Health Drink..........._____ | 'First-Aid Kit' right beside it. Enter and
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | save your game here, leave the motorhome.
| Handgun Bullets........_____ |
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | There are a number of things to pick up
| Health Drink..........._____ | here, nothing required but it will really
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | help out, skip to the next paragraph for
| Health Drink..........._____ | your actual real destination. Head East
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | from the motorhome, almost immediately on
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | your right you'll find two sets of 'Shotgun
| Ampoule................_____ | Shells.' Follow the road East, stay on the
| Health Drink..........._____ | South sidewalk to find two sets of 'Handgun
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | Bullets' beside some newspaper dispensers.
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | Turn North onto Neely Street, when you start
| Ampoule................_____ | up Neely Street look on the West sidewalk
| Old Bronze Key........._____ | for a 'First-Aid Kit' near the corner. When
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | you reach the Happy Burger you should find
| | some 'Rifle Shells' just at the corner, and
o------------------------------o more 'Rifle Shells' on the other side of the
building. Cross Neely Street to the West
and there's a 'First-Aid Kit' in front of one of the stores there. Go
Northeast to Neely's Bar and pick up the 'Handgun Bullets' out front. Run
East on Sanders Street, on the South sidewalk, as you approach the corner
you'll come to a small set of stairs leading to two 'Shotgun Shells.'
Continue to the corner and turn right (South) onto Lindsey, after a couple
steps there's a set of stairs on your right with 'Health Drink' at the top.
Keep going East down Sanders on the South sidewalk and you'll approach the
Flower Shop you saw right when you first entered town. In the parking lot in
front of a car are two sets of 'Shotgun Shells' and 'Handgun Bullets.'

Now make your way to the corner of Saul and Lindsey Street. Head North and
stay on the West sidewalk, the second residential house on your left has
something on the front porch. Examine it to find a letter and a 'Wrench.'
Head to Neely's Bar, now go North. As you run along this road keep an eye on
the West sidewalk, you'll pass a 'Health Drink' followed by another 'Health
Drink.' When you reach the corner of Neely and Katz, pick up the 'Handgun
Bullets' on the left corner. Go North from here and pick up the 'Handgun
Bullets' from in front of the Lucky Jade Restaurant, then East across the
street to find 'Rifle Shells' and 'Health Drink' at Big Jay's. From here make
your way back to the Wood Side Apartment, but don't go in. Instead continue
West to the door and go through back to Western Silent Hill.

Head West to the junction between Munson and Katz Street, on the Southwest
corner of this 4-way split there is a staircase leading to 'Handgun Bullets'
and 'Health Drink.' Run all the way down to the West end of Katz Street, stay
on the North sidewalk, as you go you'll find a 'First-Aid Kit' beside a fire
hydrant. When you reach the wall at the end go South into the fenced area to
find 'First-Aid Kit' and 'Ampoule.' Return to the corner and head all the way
North, make a left onto Nathan Avenue and go into the Rosewater Park West
entrance. Stay on the left side of the path and beside the litle booth as you
enter you'll find 'Health Drink' and two sets of 'Shotgun Shells.' Continue
South down three sets of stairs, on your left you'll find an 'Ampoule.' Go
back up two sets of stairs North, then East down, followed by South. At the
four way split make a left (West) and you'll come to a statue. Examine the
small mound of dirt behind the statue and choose to dig. Once you do access
your inventory and select the Wrench. Inside is the 'Old Bronze Key.' Go
back to Nathan Avenue and begin the long trek West. Stay on the North side of
the street, when it finally opens up into a parking lot pick up the 'First-Aid
Kit' at the top. Head a little bit West and enter the Historical Society.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Silent Hill Historical Society |
(00008) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o There's a save point directly beside you
| | when you get inside. Check out the creepy
| Obsidian Goblet........_____ | painting in the next room then go through
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | the door. Inside the smashed galss case, if
| Spiral-Writing Key....._____ | you're collecting them, is the third special
| | ending item, the 'Obsidian Goblet.' Now
o------------------------------o begin descending the stairs through the
broken hole in the wall, they go down quite
a ways, I counted about thirty-seven seconds to descend them while running.
Just after going into the door at the bottom, pick up the 'First-Aid Kit' from
the table and continue into the next room. Follow this hallway South to the
end and through the door. There's a very large hole here, examine it and jump
down. You will find yourself in the bottom of what looks like a well, with no
doors or means of escape. Circle the well examining the walls very carefully
and find a spot where James says "Huh? This is different..." whipe out either
your Wooden Plank, Steel Pipe or even the Chainsaw and start smashing it, the
bricks will fall away and will reveal a door to the next area.

Run down the waterway and up the small set of stairs. Go into the door on the
right, then into the door on the right in the next room. Pick up the 'Spiral-
Writing Key' and all of a sudden everything goes black. Access your inventory
and use that Dry Cell Battery you picked up awhile ago. THis will reveal how
many cricket enemies there really are in this room, forget trying to kill them
all and examine the key panel beside the door. Of the nine buttons you will
three three highlighted, the password is a permutation of these numbers
leaving only six possible choices, meaning that even though there are no clues
it should not be hard to eventually figure out. Walk South into the next room
to find a gate on the loor, examine it then use the Spiral-Writing Key to open
the gate and jump down.

\ Silent Hill 2

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Silent Hill 2 Guide Empty Re: Silent Hill 2 Guide

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/ ------o------\ Toluca Prison |
(00009) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o Watch the scene when you land. Pick up the
| | 'Health Drink' off the table, and another
| Health Drink..........._____ | 'Health Drink' nearby. At the top on the
| Health Drink..........._____ | shelf there is a tablet of 'Gluttonous
| Gluttonous Pig........._____ | Pig.' Turn around and you should see a save
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | point on the support. Exit the cafeteria
| Map of Prison.........._____ | through the door beside the corpse. Head
| The Seductress........._____ | North down the hall, at the first desk you
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | pass on your left pick up the 'Handgun
| Wax Doll..............._____ | Bullets.' At the second be sure to get the
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | 'Map of Prison.' Head South and enter the
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | large shower room in the middle. Walk North
| The Oppressor.........._____ | and check the far right shower for the
| Horseshoe.............._____ | tablet of 'The Seductress.' Godown the hall
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | to the South and enter the first hallway you
| Lighter................_____ | pass leading to the prison cells. Inside
| Health Drink..........._____ | the first open cell you will find 'Handgun
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | Bullets,' in the second there is a 'Wax
| Ampoule................_____ | Doll.' Leave the cell block to the East and
| Hunting Rifle.........._____ | head North in the hallway. Pick up the
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | 'Handgun Bullets' off the desk on your left
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | as you pass. Continue North and go into the
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | double doors on your left. Pick up the
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | 'Rifle Shells' from the shelf here. Return
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | to the hall, head North and into the next
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | door on your left leading to the Southern
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | cells of the North cell block.
| |
o------------------------------o Pick up the tablet of 'The Oppressor' inside
the 7th cell you pass. Now that you have
all three tablets, backtrack to the East hall and enter the enormous outdoor
area. In the centre of this place is a platform with three square
indentations. Stand in front of it and access your inventory, use Gluttonous
Pig, The Seductress, and The Oppressor. You can even combine the three of
them and use that combination to save time. Following this you'll hear a
scream. Head back into the prison, when you do you'll automatically pick up
the 'Horseshoe' on the door handle. Navigate through one of the cell blocks
to get back to the West hallway. There are two doors leading West at the
North end of this hall, take the lower one first and pick up the 'First-Aid
Kit.' Now take the upper door to the Western-most hallway.

Take a couple steps down and enter the first room to the East. Pick up the
lighter off the ledge. Now go down and into the third room South of the one
your were just in, this is a bathroom with a save point above one of the
urinals. Leave and go across the hall into the room West of this one. Pick
up the 'Health Drink' and the 'First-Aid Kit,' there's also an 'Ampoule' by
the sink. Proceed through the North door in this room. In the glass case is
a 'Hunting Rifle.' Examine it again to get 'Rifle Shells,' then the one
beside it to get 'Rifle Shells' and 'Shotgun Shells.' Back in the hall, go
through the metal gate to the South. Examine the panel on the floor to see
there is no handle on it. Access your inventory and combine the following
items, the Lighter, Wax Doll, and Horseshoe. Once you've done this examine
the hole and choose to jump down. Head South through the double doors,
through the morgue, and down the next hole. Into the door and down another
hole. Get into the elevator and walk to the back, it will automatically
begind descending. While you're waiting pick up the 'Shotgun Shells,'
'Handgun Bullets,' 'First-Aid Kit,' and 'Rifle Shells.' Leave the elevator
and save your game, then go through the door.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Labyrinth |
(0000A) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o Step forward and make a left at the corner.
| | Head West until you reach a wall, then go
| Great Knife............_____ | South. There are two ladders here, go down
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the North one. At the bottom head right, if
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | you here footsteps in the background that's
| Wire Cutter............_____ | because this entire path is circular, and
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | Pyramid Head is walking around this area.
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | If you happen to bump in to him, run! Along
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | the path you'll reach a door, go inside and
| Key of the Persecuted.._____ | examine the table to receive the 'Great
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | Knife' and two sets of 'Shotgun Shells.'
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | The Great Knife is the giant blade wielded
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | by Pyramid Head when you first fought him in
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the apartment, very powerful but very
| Ampoule................_____ | awkward, there are few uses for it really in
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the game, but it's fun to equip now and
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | then. Leave the room, find and ascend the
| | closest ladder you can get to.
In the hallway again, head East from the two
ladders, and North at the fork. You'll come to another ladder at a broken
section of floor, go down. Run to the end of this area and climb the next
ladder you reach. In front of you there will be an odd looking box with faces
on it. Examine it and follow these directions exactly. For either easy or
normal difficulty, press up twice so that the red face it upright, then press
right once so that the yellow face is upside-down. For hard difficulty this
does not apply because it is randomly generated, so you'll just need to use
the basic knowledge that the cube direction directly affects the room behind
you. When you've completed it you can run through the room to the stairs
behind and watch a scene. Head back up to the ladder near the puzzle box, and
examine the sparking fuse box beside it to receive a 'Wire Cutter.' Now
return all the way back to the entrance of the Labyrinth.

North of you should be a door completely blocked by wires. Step up to it and
use the Wire Cutter to get through. Follow the path and make a right at the
fork, then go up the ladder. Make a right at the fork here, and go down the
next ladder. Yet another fork at the bottom, make a left (East), go around
one corner, on the next corner there's a somewhat hard to notice path leading
to a ladder going up. Follow this hallway around and down the ladder at the
end. Walk along the path and you'll come to two paths, both on your left.
Take the first of the two and climb the ladder. Pick up the 'Handgun
Bullets' on the ground right at the top. Take the only other ladder downward
from here. Now in this area you are going to want to take the very first path
on your left and go up the ladder. If you don't take this path you will most
certainly encounrer Pyramid Head, who is wandering around down in this area.
If you do choose to take this path you will end up at a ladder leading up to
two sets of 'Handgun Bullets,' a reward which is far from worth your trouble,
just take the left path from the ladder you came down, and go up the ladder
you find here. Save your game, go through the door, walk forward for a scene.

o- Boss (Doorman) -----------------------------------------------------------o
| |
| Doorman is a hard boss pretty much only because of the tight quarters you |
| are forced to fight it in. The weapon of choice for this battle is the |
| Shotgun, outclassing the Hunting Rifle because of its poor clip capacity |
| and long reloading time. The boss doesn't take too many hits but the |
| problem is that you won't be able to get in more than a couple before you |
| are forced to retreat to the other side of the room, the L1/R1 strafe |
| buttons will be a lifesaver in this battle. For attacks, the Doorman |
| with suck you into his door thing when he gets close enough and do |
| reasonable damage with this. One thing that makes it difficult is that |
| it seems to be able to attack you even when you think you're out of range, |
| it lunges forward so always give yourself plenty of retreat time, there's |
| no time limit here. After a dozen or so shots on normal, it will die. |
| |

Leave the room and go through the door leading North. First of all enter the
door on your right, you'll find six corpses here, write down or try to
remember to positioning of each of them. Now leave the room and run to the
end of the hall, go through the door on your left. This room looks similar
however instead of corpses, there are nooses. You must determine which of the
six men is the innocent one, and pull the noose corresponding to his position.
To determine which man is innocent read the large sign in this room, it will
give you a riddle to solve. Try and figure it out yourself if you can, but be
warned the answers follow. On the easiest difficulty the innocent man is the
kidnapper, on normal it's the arsonist, on hard it's the counterfeiter, and on
extra it's the thief. Examine and pull the noose corresponding to the
innocent man on your difficulty, then return to the corpse room to find on the
ground where the man was hanging, the 'Key of the Persecuted.'

Leave the room and go into the door at the very end of the hall. Examine the
handcuffed valve and use the Key of the Persecuted. Desend the ladder down.
Follow the path without changing direction and enter the door, then watch the
scene. When outside the room again, head back down and make a turn East at
the fork. At the top of the next ladder you'll find a 'First-Aid Kit' on the
ground in front of you. There's a cemetery just beyond this hall. In this
area you'll find 'Shotgun Shells,' 'Shotgun Shells,' 'Shotgun Shells,'
'Ampoule,' and a save point. The grave at the upper right corner is open,
examine the headstone and then jump down. There's another long hallway here,
run all the way to the end and go into the door. Watch the scene.

o- Boss (Eddie) -------------------------------------------------------------o
| |
| Eddie is quite a powerful boss, so make sure you know what you're doing. |
| The beginning of the fight takes place in close quarters, this is |
| actually one of the only places that the Great Knife is useful. If you |
| can hit Eddie with a simgle overhead swing, you can progress to the |
| second stage of the battle. If you don't like the Great Knife stick |
| with the Shotgun. Watch out for his gun, about three shots from that |
| and you'll be dead. After he has taken a certain amount of damage he'll |
| run through the door into the next room. Be sure to take this time to |
| pick up the 'Shotgun Shells' and 'Rifle Shells' from the ground. Go |
| through the door, watch the scene, and the fight continues. This time |
| around the best weapon is the Hunting Rifle. Find a good vantage point |
| while taking cover behind the large hunks of meat, when you get a good |
| shot be sure to take it. You can easily get off the four shots before |
| he can do anything, but the problem is that he will almost always hit you |
| after that, even if you don't reload you'll still get shot trying to run. |
| See if you can try hitting him from a close range, because his punch is |
| extremely weak, and he'll always do it when you get near him. With enough |
| shots from the Hunting Rifle, eventually Eddie will fall. |
| |

Leave the room through the large double doors. On your right is a barrel with
a save point on top. Run to the end of the dock and step into the boat. Now
what you want to do us use the D-pad, press left or right and turn yourself
until you see a bright light off in the distance. Face yourself in that
direction and hold up to begin rowing. Now if you're playing hard this
becomes more of a challenge, you need to spin both analog sticks in opposite
directions to row, and in the same direction to turn. Once you get close
enough to the light, a scene occurs and you finally arrive at the hotel.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Lakeview Hotel |
(0000B) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o Run up the dock and approach the hotel.
| | Before going inside check the fountain on
| Little Mermaid........._____ | the left, there is a 'Little Mermaid' music
| Hotel Map (Guests)....._____ | box sitting on the edge. When you get
| Fish Key..............._____ | inside, take the 'Hotel Map (Guests).' Head
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | forward and go right at the corner, enter
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | the Rastaurant "Lake Shore." Check one of
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | the tables in this room for the 'Fish Key.'
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | When you try to leave a scene occurs.
| Thinner................_____ | Afterward go out to the hall again, watch
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | out for the Doorman enemies similar to the
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | boss you fought recently. Two shots with
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the Shotgun should knock them down, and then
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | just finish them off with a kick. Go down
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | to the West of of the hall, but don't enter
| Key to Room 204........_____ | the West corridor, instead go into the large
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | grey room on your map to the South. In the
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | lower room you can find 'Rifle Shells' and
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | three packs of 'Handgun Bullets.' Return to
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the main hall and go down the main stairs
| Health Drink..........._____ | to the basement floor. Step into the
| Employee Elevator Key.._____ | elevator at the end of the elevator at the
| Cinderella............._____ | end of the hall and pick up the can of
| Health Drink..........._____ | 'Thinner.' Go back upstairs and enter one
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | of the two large double doors on either side
| Health Drink..........._____ | of the down stairs leading North. There's a
| Health Drink..........._____ | save point on the Northwest chair in this
| Hotel Map (Employees).._____ | area. Open the door to the reception desk
| Videotape.............._____ | beside the gift shop, pick up the 'Key to
| Can Opener............._____ | Room 312' off the rack on the wall. Once
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | again, take the stairs to 2F.
| Rifle Shells..........._____ |
| Snow White............._____ | First go into the room behind the desk
| Bar Key................_____ | marked as the Cloak Room. Get the 'First-
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | Aid Kit,' two sets of 'Shotgun Shells' and
| Health Drink..........._____ | two sets of 'Handgun Bullets.' Approach the
| Health Drink..........._____ | briefcase and use the Fish Key to open it.
| Health Drink..........._____ | Inside is the 'Key to Room 204.' Leave the
| Lightbulb.............._____ | room and go South to the end of the hall,
| Hotel Stairway Key....._____ | pick up the two 'Handgun bullets' off the
| | table. Check your map and go into the
o------------------------------o Reading Room. In here you'll find two sets
of 'Shotgun Shells' and a 'Health Drink.'
Head back North and make a left to enter the West corridor. Examine the third
door on your right, Room 204, and gain access using the key. Pick up the
'Employee Elevator Key' off the table here and go through the wall into the
next room. Examine the pictures spread all over the bed. Access your
inventory and use the Thinner. You'll now be able to see a code word in the
picture, examine the briefcase beside the bed and enter the code and you'll
find the 'Cinderella' music box inside. Head to the East side of 2F.

In this area pick up the 'Health Drink' and 'Rifle Shells' off the tables.
The North door in this area leads to a room which can be opened with your
Employee Elevator Key. Inside this room you can find two 'Health Drink.' If
you walk onto the elevator an alarm will go off. Examine the control panel to
learn it is only made for one person. Now you can examine the lockers in the
room to put every last thing you own on the shelf. Take the elevator down to
the first floor. When you step off be sure to pick up the 'Hotel Map
(Employees)' on your left. Run down the hall to the North and into the first
door on the left. Examine the safe to find 'Videotape' and 'Can Opener.' Two
rooms North of this one is the Employee Lounge, there's two sets of 'Rifle
Shells.' in here. Go to the Southeast corner of this floor and enter the
Pantry, the room with the red light above it. You'll find the 'Snow White'
music box on a shelf on the right. Now head to the stairwell across from the
office, and descend down to the basement level.

Head South then East to reach the Boiler Room. You can find the 'Bar Key'
here as well as a 'First-Aid Kit' sitting on the ground. Leave and head West
to the Kitchen. There are a total of three 'Health Drink' in this room.
There's also a can on the counter, stand in front of it and use the Can Opener
to find a 'Lightbulb.' Leave the kitchen through the West door. Go around
the bar and examine the flashlight sitting on the corner, use your Lightbulb
to turn it on. Now you can go through the West door. Climb the stairs and
you'll be back on the main floor. Make sure you head back up to the second
floor Elevator Room to retrieve your stuff. Head back to the hotel Lobby and
examine the object in the centre. The puzzle answer is as follows:

Seat of the Princess Twas shameful greed did stain
who fled at midnight her shoe with blood
- Cinderella - Cinderella

Seat of the Princess Beauty - Both a blessing
who awoke from death and a curse thou be
- Snow Shite - Snow White

Seat of the Princess Even so, I still want to believe
who spoke no words that she was happy
- Little Mermaid - Little Mermaid

Examine each of the three indentations and use the appropriate music box in
each spot. When finished putting all three in, choose to play the music box
and you will receive the 'Hotel Stairway Key' if you examine it again. You
can now get up to the third floor with this key, it opens the gate which
blocks your way, so return to the stairs and head all the way to the top.
Enter room 312, which is the only one you can get into. Approach the VCR, use
the tape in your inventory and watch the scene. Now leave the room.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Alternate Hotel |
(0000C) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o------- Item Checklist -------o Down the hall to your right is a save point
| | on the door. Head downstairs and enter the
| Crimson Ceremonies....._____ | reading room. There are two things here
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | which will both have a drastic effect on
| Handgun Bullets........_____ | your ending. One is the pair of headphones
| Ampoule................_____ | on the desk, you can choose whether you want
| Ampoule................_____ | to listen to it or not. The second is the
| Health Drink..........._____ | fourth and final item for the special
| Health Drink..........._____ | ending, on the shelf is the book of 'Crimson
| Health Drink..........._____ | Ceremonies.' Exit the room and into the
| Health Drink..........._____ | West corridor. Each door will now teleport
| Health Drink..........._____ | you to the location of a different door when
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | you go through it, the one you want to take
| Rifle Shells..........._____ | is Room 202, at the very top on your right.
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | Once you go through you'll find yourself in
| Shotgun Shells........._____ | the East corridor. Pick up the two 'Handgun
| First-Aid Kit.........._____ | Bullets' from the window, and head South and
| Ampoule................_____ | into the double doors to reach the main
| Ampoule................_____ | hall. You can access the elevator, get in
| Scarlet Egg............_____ | and ride in down to the basement, but before
| Rust-Colored Egg......._____ | you do be sure to pick up the two 'Ampoule.'
| |
o------------------------------o Enter the bar and pick up the five 'Health
Drink' sitting on the counter! Further on
in the kitchen, you'll find two 'Rifle Shells,' two 'Shotgun Shells,' and a
'First-Aid Kit.' Go into the next hallway and enter the stairwell for a
scene. Once it's over leave through the door, and you'll wind up in the
normal stairwell. Ascend the stairs and into the door at the top. Run along
the hall, there are two 'Ampoule' in this area, then go into the door at the
end, the path is completely linear here. Cross the grated path with the
hangers proceed through the door, in the next are use one of the nine save
points pasted on the wall, now head through the doors and watch the scene.

o- Boss (Pyramid Heads) -----------------------------------------------------o
| |
| This boss while seemingly a daunting opponent, is actually quite easy |
| if you utilize a very easy strategy. That strategy is one of patience. |
| If you want to avoid being hit it's extremely easy to do, but you have to |
| accept that you'll only be able to get off a couple shots max. Run to |
| one corner and equip your Hunting Rifle, which is superior in this fight |
| because of its superior range. Fire off about two shots, maybe three if |
| you're good and then strafe-run to the other side of the room and repeat |
| the process. Use the menu to reload your weapon rather than doing it |
| in game. While running the Pyramid Heads attacks will be far to slow to |
| actually hit you, and they'll end up stabbing where you were standing |
| a good deal of time ago. There's only too dangers with this strategy |
| really, either number one, you get greedy and fire off too many shots, |
| they'll catch up and hit you. The other is that is you forget how many |
| bullets you have left and find yourself reloading right when they're |
| closing on you. Other weapons can be effective too, the Hunting Rifle |
| is just the pick of the litter. Personally I find the Great Knife to |
| work surprisingly well here. Even with the mobility detriment, using the |
| L1 and R1 buttons to strafe you can dodge their attacks almost every time, |
| and the super powerful overhead swing will almost always hit since one of |
| them is bound to step in front of you. The thing you have to watch out |
| for is their ninja spear-spin, where they spin their spear around their |
| head and attack inside a rather large circumference. You'll take more |
| damage for sure with this method but it will also take only half the time. |
| |

Following the battle examine the corpses of both the Pyramid Heads, you'll get
the 'Scarlet Egg' and 'Rust-Colored Egg.' Approach the two doors at the top
and insert the two egss, one into each door. Order doesn't matter, and which
one you enter doesn't matter. Continue North into the next hallway, you'll
hear a conversation in the background. Whether you choose to listen to the
entire thing or to walk through the door early will affect your ending.
Proceed through the door and up the large metal stairs, then watch the scene.

o- Boss (Final Boss) --------------------------------------------------------o
| |
| The final boss has one primary and extremely obnoxious attack, and while |
| it doesn't deal much damage, you'll be spending the majority of this |
| fight just evading it. She released a bunch of moths which chase after |
| you and get in your hair, this deals an insignificant amount of damage, |
| the main purpose is to leave you distracted and vulnerable to her two |
| other attacks which include a stab from her scorpion tail, and a |
| strangling of your neck. Avoid the moth attack simply by running, |
| strafing while running is preferable and you should be able to avoid it |
| every single time. Equip the Hunting Rifle in order to deal the most |
| damage, but I'm not kidding when I say you only get one shot max between |
| sessions of evading the moths. The second best weapon is the Handgun, |
| followed by the Shotgun. Melee weapons are useless as you would probably |
| assume. About fifteen shots should be enough on normal difficulty. |
| |

You now have the unenviable task of striking the final blow with any weapon
you choose. There's satisfaction in all of them, from the Wooden Plank, to
the Steel Pipe. to the Great Knife. Select your weapon of choice and strike.

Now sit back and enjoy the ending.

You beat the game. Good job!


| Additional Info (10000) |

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Weapons |
(10001) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o--------------o The Wooden Plank is the basic melee weapon in this game,
| Wooden Plank | it is a long board of wood with some nails at the end using
o--------------o for swinging and bashing enemies in the face. You'll
automatically acquire this weapon at the beginning of the
game at the end of the path where the blood trails leads. It's useful in
almost all situations as a good, all around smashing stick. To use the weapon
simply hold R2 and press X, the harder you push the more powerful your attack.

o---------o The handgun is a light and easy to use weapon, good for both
| Handgun | short and long range combat. It reloads quickly and is quite
o---------o powerful. You'll find it in room 301 of the apartment complex,
inside a very conspicuous shopping cart. It holds 10 bullets at
a time, new bullets can be found in various places quite often throughout the
game. No matter how far you are in the game, it can always come in handy.

o------------o The Steel Pipe is the second melee weapon you will find in
| Steel Pipe | this game. It is longer and more powerful than the Wooden
o------------o Plank, it will make the plank virtually useless after you
pick this weapon up. You can find it at the Texxon Gas
Station where Nathan and Caroll Street meet, approach the car at the gas pumps
and examine the hood to pull it out. Equip the weapon and start smashing.

o---------o The shotgun is much more powerful than the handgun, and has the
| Shotgun | ability to hit multiple enemies as well with its spread. It
o---------o can hold a total of six shots at any one time. You'll find the
shotgun in one of the doctor's coats in the locker room of the
second floor of the hospital. Shotgun bullets are scattered through the game.

o-------------o The weapon of the legendary Pyramid Head, the great knife
| Great Knife | is certainly the most powerful weapon in the entire game
o-------------o but this comes at a price, it is also the most awkward to
use, even moving while having it equipped becomes an ordeal.
If you are able to strike quickly it becomes an ideal weapon for ending boss
fights in no time flat, however you'll find that there really are very few
practical uses for this weapon. It can be found in the Labyrinth, in the area
where Pyramid Head can be found circling around the path.

o---------------o The hunting rifle is a powerful long range weapon good for
| Hunting Rifle | stopping single enemies in their tracks. It can only hold
o---------------o four bullets and takes quite awhile to reload, but what it
lacks in this respect it makes up for in damage. You will
find the hunting Rifle inside the Toluca Prison in one of the office rooms.

o----------o The chainsaw is a powerful melee weapon that is only available
| Chainsaw | after you have beaten the gameat least one. It takes time to
o----------o get going so it loses a lot of its practical usage in the prep
time, but can be a powerful weapon if wielded correctly. Once
you have beaten the game it can be found in the log pile just path the pick up
truck on the first path through the woods, you can't miss it.

o-------------o Similar to the chainsaw the Hyper Spray can only be acquired
| Hyper Spray | after you've beaten the game at least once. You can find it
o-------------o in the RV on Saul Street. The weapon is actually used for
paralyzing enemies rather than killing them, however if you
managed to beat the game with a perfect rating you'll get the green Hyper
Spray which does have the ability to kill when used. It does not consume
ammo, the only thing you have to watch out for is that it will drain you
helath if used to often, and runs low on pressure if used for too long.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Items |
(10002) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o--------------o The Health Drink is the most basic of all healing items.
| Health Drink | There are plenty to find in this game, in fact if you
o--------------o were to pick them all up you'd win up with more than you
could ever possibly find a use for. It takes about four
health drinks to heal you completely, but usually one at a time will suffice
just fine for the most minor of wounds. Very handy little things.

o-----------o These too are fairly common throughout the game, however not
| First-Aid | nearly as much as the Health Drinks. They're probably the
o-----------o best overall healing items in the game in terms of healing and
rarity. Using a First-Aid Kit it will take about two of them
to completely heal you from near-death to maximum HP, very helpful.

o---------o Ampoules are very rare, but what they lack in commonality they
| Ampoule | make up for in healing intensity. One Ampoule will take you
o---------o from any measure of damage to full health instantly.

o-----------------o Simple pack of bullets for the Handgun, found like
| Handgun Bullets | Health Drinks almost anywhere, even the most
o-----------------o inappropriate places. Each pack comes with 10 bullets,
enough to fill a single clip for your handgun.

o-----------------o Shotgun Bullets are somewhat rarer than Handgun bullets
| Shotgun Bullets | and are much more powerful. Comes with six in each
o-----------------o pack, be sure to pick them up when you see them.

o--------------o Rifle Shells aren't exactly commonplace, so they're best
| Rifle Shells | saved for some of the more difficult bosses, especially
o--------------o if you're playing on Ammo x1. Comes with 4 in a pack.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Enemies |
(10003) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o----------o Patients are the weird demons whose skin covers them like
| Patients | a straight jacket. They're the most common enemies during the
o----------o beginning of the game, they come in two forms and have two main
attacks. They can either crawl around on the ground or stand
upright. They'll crew on your foot from the ground and spray some poisonous
gas at you while standing up. Basically any weapon is effective against them.

o-------------o Cockroaches are rather rare to find in this game, but they
| Cockroaches | do appear. They'll nip at your feet for very insignificant
o-------------o damage, but they'll do it often and quickly. They an be
killed with the handgun but to conserve ammo, it's also
very easy to kill them simply by hitting X when standing close, to deliver a
swift and firm stomp, leaving them a pile of mush on the ground.

o------------o Mannequins will first start appearing in the apartments
| Mannequins | near the start of the game. Their attacks are slightly
o------------o stronger but possess less range than the patient demons.
Their only attack is to use their torso feet to kick you
while they walk. Any normal weapons should suffice to stop them.

o--------o Nurses appear not surprisingly in the hospital area of the game.
| Nurses | They are equipped with a steel pipe very similar to the one
o--------o James wields, however slightly shorter. They will swing it
wildly in an attempt to hit you at some point during their wild
swinging frenzy. A shotgun blast to the torso works great to eliminate them.

o---------o Hangers will begin to appear in the dark version of town, going
| Hangers | hand over hand on the underside of metal link walkways. They
o---------o can only hit you if their hands met your foot, but this is rare
and unless you happen to stop you'll probably never be hit at
all. Since they pose almost no threat there's no reason to kill them, it is
possible however, but you must use a ranged weapon, melee are ineffective.

o---------o Doorman begins as a boss but soon enough appears commonly in
| Doorman | hallways, always eager to eat your skin. His attack will
o---------o engulf you in his skin pouch underside as he has his way with
your face, it isn't pleasant and deals quite a lot of damage.
The Hunting Rifle and Shotgun are you best bets when you encounter these foes,
usually fiddling with melee weapons will end with your untimely death.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Endings |
(10004) \------------------------------------------------------------o

o----------o In order to get the "In Water" ending the following must be
| In Water | accomplished, note that you don't need to do every single thing
o----------o mentioned here, each one you do will increase the chances of
getting this ending, which is actually quite easy to get. First
of all, throughout the entire game, the more time you spend with low to mid
health, the better chance you have of getting this ending. Every once in
awhile go into your inventory and examine the Angela's Knife as well. Read
the diary on top of the hospital, as well as listen to the headphones in the
hotel. The final thing to do is stand in the final hallway while the
conversation with Mary plays out, do not leave until it is over.

o-------o The "Leave" ending is pretty much the default ending you will get
| Leave | if you just play through casually, which makes it quite easy to
o-------o get if it's your intention. Make sure you go in the direction of
the hotel when Maria first starts following you around. DO not
examine the diary on top of the hospital or listen to the headphones, but do
listen to the conversation in the final hallway. If you ever get hurt during
the game, access your menu and heal your wounds immediately.

o-------o This is the hardest ending to acquire, as it takes the most work
| Maria | from the player. It mostly revolves around your actions when Maria
o-------o is with you, never try and go in the wrong direction in town, head
toward the hotel, then the bowling alley. Never let Maria get hit
by enemies, or by you. When you drop her off in the patient ward in the
hospital, make sure you stay with her for some time, then make a number of
return visits to check on her. Run all the way to the end of the hall at the
end of the game and ignore the conversation, and try not to do any of the
major factors for the other endings, like examining Angela's Knife.

o---------o The "Rebirth" ending can only be acquired after you've completed
| Rebirth | the game at least once, it involves collecting four items you'll
o---------o find throughout the game, this is the only condition and you will
guarantee this ending if you pick them all up. It's not hard to
get if you know where to look. The locations of the four items are noted in
the walkthrough, but as a quick reference they are as follows: White Chrism
is in Room 105 of the Blue Creek Apartments, Lost Memories is in the newspaper
dispenser at the Texxon Gas Station, Obsidian Goblet is in a smashed glass
case in the Historical Society, and the Crimson Ceremonies is on the bookshelf
in the reading room of the alternate hotel. Now just go and beat the game.

o-----o You cannot get the "Dog" ending until you have gotten all three basic
| Dog | endings, or the Rebirth ending. When you go out the West exit of the
o-----o Rosewater park for the first time, head South into a little area with
a doghouse that only appears if the ending conditions are met, get
the 'Dog Key' from inside. Now play the game as far as Room 312 in the Hotel,
after watching the video on the VCR, the ending will trigger automatically.
Note that this is not a "serious" ending, don't play through expecting one.

\ ilent Hill 2 /-------------------------------------------------------------o
/ ------o------\ Item List |
(10005) \------------------------------------------------------------o

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