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Ideas For Survival Horror Gaming

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Ideas For Survival Horror Gaming Empty Ideas For Survival Horror Gaming

Post by jeremyjh on Sun May 15, 2011 3:15 am

One of my dreams are to eventually go down one of these roads.
*Writing Story's For Survival Horror Games
*Becoming A Vet & Making Survival Horror PC Games With Group And/Or Friends

Anyway either of these I would like to do. So I am here to show you some of the things I would put into Survival Horror games. First of it needs a good title. A good title can range from the place you are in, (EX: Silent Hill) A project in the game (EX: Resident Evil) or a concept of a game (EX: Obscure) any of these and more would make a good title. Their are however horrible titles for some Survival Horror games. (EX: Dead Island, Dead Rising, Clock Tower & etc....) Now days most games use one complex word meaning something in the fear department (EX: Obscure, Manhunt & Siren) which is good.
I would make every enemy a boss. You may ask why in the hell would you do that. Well have you ever noticed in a Survival Horror game the farther you go the less scarier it is? One of the reason why is because you are use to the enemy's and their tactics. So if we made every enemy new the tactics would be hard to follow because you do not know them yet. These enemy's could also make scarier entrances. This would also be more fun for the gamer in my opinion.
I would make more puzzles. Most Survival Horror games these days lack puzzles (except Silent Hill) but some games do not need puzzles to be good. (Fatal Frame) Puzzles give your mind a switch of comfort but in return of this comfort you must solve a puzzle. I would never make someone fight while solving a puzzle that would result in rage quit. I would like the puzzles to be switched each time so that you can not look up the answers. The puzzles would get harder each one you go through.
I would make your protagonist just one person. Switching people can lessen the scare. I would make him or her very weak and slow when fighting. I would make getting hit once take at least 25% of your life away. This would result in people being more tense and less likely to be reckless. I would make finding cures very hard. I would give you melee weapons in till towards the end of the game you would maybe get a pistol at highest. Ammo would be very scarce. This resulting in up close battles.
So what do you think of the game this would make. Would you buy it if so how much would you spend on it? Tell me your ideas to make a Survival Horror game.

Favorite Survival Horror Game: Silent Hill Shattered Memories
Second Favorite Survival Horror Game: Resident Evil 3
Favorite Survival Horror Weapon: Nothing
Scariest Survival Horror Moment: Quick Turn Pop Out In Calling
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