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Silent Hill 3 Review

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Silent Hill 3 Review

Post by jeremyjh on Mon Dec 27, 2010 1:41 pm

Silent Hill 3 Review (By jeremyjh/Devolpers Konami)

story begins back in Silent Hill...*waves fingers* Once upon a time, in
a town called Silent Hill, there was a large
and strange looking building called The Hope House. It
was a landmark in town, known for its tower behind the Lakeside
Park. The Hope House was a place for young orphaned
and abandoned children to find a safe haven from the cruelty of the

One such child was Alessa. Her mother, Dahlia
Gallespie, was a prominent figure in the religious community. A strange
and dark religion, its followers called themselves The
Order. They worshiped a female GOD and taught their rituals to the
children, especially about the coming of Paradise.

Alessa was an unhappy child, blessed and cursed
by strong magical powers. She could move and kill with her mind...her
powers were fueled by her longing for acceptance by
her mother. Dahlia, it seemed, only wanted Alessa for her powers and to
make herself feel Alessa was destined
to be the mother of God.

Alessa's teachers, especially, K. Gordon, were
concerned about bruises and Alessa's negative outlook on life. The child
didn't want to play with the other children and lived a
seeminly sad existence. The only things that made Alessa happy were
inside her small bedroom...her moth collection, dolls
and a deck of cards, which she played with young Claudia from time to

When Alessa was seven years old, in order to
please God, Dahlia set her own house on fire, young Alessa inside and
offered as a sacrifice. The fire was put out and
Alessa miraculously survived...but she was badly burned. The young girl
secretly wisked away to Alchemilla Hospital, where she
was intrusted to the care of Lisa Garland. Dahlia placed a spell on
Alessa, keeping her alive and in a state of painful
limbo, trapped inside her burned and infected body.

But Alessa's powers remained. Her pain only
fueled Sammael's resurrected fetus inside her...and Alessa's dark
of monsters materialized...transforming the town into a
living nightmare. In order to escape her torment, Alessa outsmarted
her creating a baby to contain her
soul...and a young child appeared abandoned on the side of the highway.

Dahlia and the others were horrified to find that Alessa's souls was incomplete. Their evil attempts to bring about Sammael's
rebirth were indefinately postponed...

Meanwhile, while visiting the town, Harry Mason and his wife came across the baby lying helplessly alone. Unable to have
children of their own, and Mrs. Mason dying of cancer, they decided to adopt the girl, naming her Cheryl.

Years passed...and The Order was still unable to bring about the rebirth of their God, and they desperately searched
for Alessa.

Mrs. Mason finally passed away and it was just
Cheryl and her father now. Harry was a writer and times were tough for
the duo, but they loved each other and somehow made it
through. In remembrance of his late wife, Harry decided to take Cheryl
on vacation to Silent Hill.

While driving toward their exit, a girl appeared in the street...Harry veered off the road to avoid hitting her...and
awoke in his find Cheryl missing.

This is where you begin your adventure with the original Silent Hill game. I highly recommend that you pick it up
and get the GOOD ending if you've never played it. But I digress...

Harry wandered into the deserted town of Silent
Hill in desperate search for his daughter. Unbenounced
to him, it was Alessa on the road and Cheryl's return
had made Alessa whole again...and now strong, Alessa escaped
the hospital. Dahlia was horrified at her daughter's
insolence once more. She set off to "help" Harry find his lost daughter,
with alterior motives of her own. Once Harry
discovered Alessa and trapped her with the Flauros, Dahlia showed up and
Alessa away to complete the rebirthing process.

Harry, still determined to find the truth,
returned to the hospital. There, he found Alessa and Dahlia ready for
ritual. Alessa was still fighting it, but the power
grew inside of her. Dr. Kaufman, the director of the hospital who was
double crossed by Dahlia, threw an antidote onto
Alessa that drew the devil out of her...Sammael. The devil killed
despite her loyalty to him.

Harry defeated Sammael but Alessa was dying...she
once again drew out her soul and a baby appeared in her arms. Alessa
then opened up a porthole as the room began to
collapse. Harry took the baby from Alessa and ran to safety. He escaped
death, but who was this child...and would she one day
be taken from him again?

Harry tried his best to raise the child by
himself again. He named her Heather and her powers once again became
The children at school called her a witch. Young
Heather had a mind of her own, that's for sure, and a strong love for
father. Harry loved Heather as his own child, but the
nightmares reminded him of what she was to become...and he didn't want
that to happen again. He wrote in a journal how he
thought about stranging Heather while she was a helpless save
her from the demons inside of her. He could not bare
to think of returning to Silent Hill and reliving that ordeal again.
But his love for Heather grew and Harry never told her
where she came from. He wanted her to have a normal life...

The Order hadn't forgotten Alessa, though...and
one day a member of the cult took it upon himself to locate the lost
child. He attacked them and Harry killed him,
protecting his adopted daughter. Harry was acquitted for the crime, as
it was
clearly self-defense...but to avoid further
recognition, Harry changed their name to Morris and moved away.

The Order didn't give up that quickly, however,
and Claudia, Alessa's childhood friend, took it upon herself to find
the mother of god. She hired a private investigator,
Douglas to track her down. And he the mall as she as talking
to Harry on the phone.

This is where your adventure begins in Silent Hill 3. See? It just picks right back up! ^_^

Claudia longed for acceptance and the return of
Paradise. She wasn't the kind to just sit back and wait for it. She set
out to make it happen. Her father, Leonard, was
abusive and Claudia was an unhappy child as well. She and Alessa
had something in common. When Claudia was of age, she
became somewhat powerful herself. She transformed the world around her
into a living nightmare, drawing Heather into it and
banishing her father, Leonard into the hospital basement.

In the life of Heather, Alessa lived a much
happier life. She didn't believe that her future was already determined.
She didn't believe that hatred could bring about any
kind of paradise. After figuring out where she really came from, Heather
confronted Claudia about her evil doings. Harry had
given her a necklace for her birthday one year and inside of it was the
same kind of antidote from the first rebirth.
Swallowing it caused her to throw up the unborn fetus of Sammael and she
about to stomp out its life when Claudia saved it,
swallowing it whole. The devil killed Claudia and returned to life,
Heather killed it once and for all.

Heather learned a lot about herself in the journey to the truth, and how much her father really loved her. In honor of
his memory, Heather decided to take the name Harry gave her..Cheryl.

THE END!!....or is it? Until Silent Hill 4! bwaaahaaahaaaaww!!!

(WARNING Story Contains Spoilers)

This Silent Hill is what many people call the end of survival horrors but just don't listen to them there will be more survival horrors soon. The camera angles in this game are a little difficult but easy to get past seeing how they are used to make the game more scary. You can use the R2 button to look forward with the camera but some time it won't let depending on where you are at in the game. One weird thing about this game is that when you go to the in game menu (select button) and you are using a firearm (gun) you can select either Equip (unequipped if you have it on) or select reload below equip that you can reload the capacity of the gun whats weird about this you may ask? Well each gun has a number a bullets it can hold for instance the Pistol can hold 10 bullets but when you use them all you don't reload its just says it reloaded so there is no time that you have to reload. There is two things you will never use one of them is if you press R1 you will slowly go to the right and if you press L1 you will slowly go to the left this makes it awkward to have them on the paddle. Another very awkward thing is the combine feature
seeing how you only use it once it is pretty much useless to have after that.
One other cool thing about this game is after you played it a while everything changes all the time one second you are in fight mode then you are in scared like a little bitch mode thus keeping the game entertaining. One thing that is boring, and pointless boring as hell is in the beginning you have find a flashlight to be able to see and the only way you can see if you follow the few lights that are on but still you will be wondering around in the dark for hours but lucky for me and you that if you turn up your brightness on your tv (if you can) you can see everything but if you try to read something or look at something it says I can't see it in the dark so you still need the flashlight but after you find it I recommend you turning back of the brightness to its original state to restore the games illusions and eeriness.

Graphics- The graphics are buetiful for agame made in 2004 except for the the flash light hunt.

Sound- Yes the best sound graphics I ever heard the emotional sound, the monster growls, the screaming and BG music is just magnificent but there is one flaw you will find your self turning up the tv to hear what they are saying during the cut scenes because of how low they talk and when you get back to the game play it becomes way to loud

Game Play- Except for the awkwardness of some things it is just like original Silent Hill could be better when using weapons

Puzzles- The puzzles in this one are the finniest I have ever played besides Shattered Memories

Story- Awesome story as always

Game Time- Well it toke me a little under six hours to beat it but you will want to replay it for secrets and endings

Difficulty- Could be harder the bosses need to be way more complex
Total Rating: 9.0 I fucking loved this game my 2nd fav game
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